• What Is GCC?

    GCC is a student-run organization that brings together entrepreneurship enthusiasts on campus, was initiated by the Organizing Committee of Global Entrepreneurship Week China in 2010 and was officially launched in 2013 under Xi Jinping's letter of congratulation. Committed to the mission of "allowing good seeds of entrepreneurship to find good soil", GCC is aimed at drawing upon young people's entrepreneurial dreams to build a world of quality.
  • Why Join GCC?

    Get the title of Gloabal Entrepreneurship Week Campus Centre; Partake in Global Entrepreneurship Week; Promote Activities in GCC Official Website; Get organizing committee's financial and training support; Share entrepreneurship information, training, part-time job and other services; Enhance the capacity of all aspects.
  • How to Join GCC?

    Two ways to join: If you are the head of an entrepreneurship society, submit an application to "join GCC". You will become a member after your application has been examined and approved. If you aspire to create a new GCC organization, submit your application to "form a GCC organization". The organizing committee will provide a complete set of rules and regulations for the construction and operation of societies.